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How to choose the wright size of bicycle frame?

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in Bicycle | Comments Off on How to choose the wright size of bicycle frame?

Is the size of the frame important, actually it’s the most important thing? Once you choose the bike that is most appropriate for you, the next thing would be to choose the size of the bike frame. It may seem a bit of boring – all those tables and numbers but it isn’t enough only to adjust the height of the seat. The bike must have proper size for you. That provides you safer, healthier and enjoyable ride. The seating position is more natural – you will use less power and you will be nimbler and agile. If your bike does not fit you in the size, the ride will be a long and uncomfortable, the back pain and other possible injuries may occur!

What is actually the size of the frame? It usually refers to the length from the center of the pedal axle to the upper band that is straight pipe and up to the pipe into which the seat tube goes. Depending on the manufacturer and type of bike, you will come across on variety of measures of the frames. Somewhere in inches or centimeters and somewhere in sizes like XS, S, M, L, etc.

When selecting a frame, it is essential to measure your height and the length of the inner part of the leg. So, ask someone to help you measure and: stand up straight up against the wall, barefoot and in proper clothing (in order to measurements be more accurate). Put some bigger book between your legs and use tailoring meter to measure the distance from the books to the floor. There you got a value that represents the length of the inner part of the leg.

Each type of the bicycle has a different formula which is applied, for example:

For road and trekking bikes: multiply length of the inner part of the leg with 0.66. The value that you get is the proper frame size in centimeters. For MTB: multiply the length of the inner part of the leg with 0,226. You’ve reached a number that represents the frame size in inches. Multiply this amount with 2.54 and you’ll get the size in centimeters.


If the amount obtained falls between two sizes, we recommend you not taking bigger frame than you need it – if you choose smaller one, you can always have the option to pick up the seat or steering wheel, while with large frame you don’t have the option to reduce the frame.

It should be noted that the frame size is different depending on the type of the bike you buy. People often think that the size of frame is the same for all kinds of bicycles, for example: if they need a road bike frame of 57cm, they think that frame for the mountain bike is the same, but they are wrong because the mountain and road bikes are two different types of bicycles and their size is determined in a different way.
It should be noted that the frame size is different depending on the type of the bike you buy. People often think that the size of frame is the same for all kinds of bicycles, for example: if they need a road bike frame of 57cm, they think that frame for the mountain bike is the same, but they are wrong, because the mountain and road bikes are two different types of bicycles and their size is determined in a different way.

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History of the bicycles

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in Bicycle | Comments Off on History of the bicycles

First bike that was manageable for the ride was made in 1817 and his inventor was baron Karl Drais.ordinary-bicycle He had an idea to change the way of how people move. Almost two hundred years ago, on June 12th in 1817, he made his first bike and managed to cross some small distance and that was the first time that the human traveled with a bicycle.

In the following months, Drais crossed numerous distances on his invention and he would call it Laufmachine. There were attempts before Drais to make a bicycle, but that first bike didn’t have pedals and rider used his legs to move bike.

Drais is one of the inventers that preceded industrial revolution. In his young days, he had various occupations – he was a teacher and guardian of the wood but after he discovered the bike, his social influence became bigger. He got recognition, title and pension from duke Carl.

Despite of the fact that bike was the first individual tool of transport, it was also the cheapest mode of transportation. The first mass use of bicycles has been observed in Europe in early 20th century, as a result of industrialization because workers who worked in the factories, had to cross long distances to the workplace. So they were in ability to afford a bike and industrialization provided them that. When mass production of the bikes began, the prices have fallen and so the bike became available to the people. It was not until the 1960s that the bicycles were replaced with engines and cars. In some poor countries the bike still remains the basic mean of transportation.


During the shortage of oil on the world market in the 1970s and as a result of growing environmental awareness, bike again returned to the streets. It has Increased importance in public transport, which is in the public interest. As a result, throughout Europe every year there are built special tracks for bicycles. There is a possibility to rent bike and to use city bike. As a good example we can mention Copenhagen and Munster, where the percentage of cyclists in traffic is more than 35%.

Around the globe, every year are organized mass rides through the towns, called Critical Mass and they have a goal to protest against air pollution by cars and for better conditions for cyclists. Critical Mass is still held on a regular basis (at least once a month) in cities throughout Europe and the world.

Researchers have come to the data that in European capitals such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna, Prague, etc. more than 50% of the drives are less than 5 kilometers long, which means that they could be done without problems by bicycle. In that way they save money and do something good for the environment.

When we see how much the modern bikes have advanced, we should be privileged to have the opportunity to enjoy in comfortable ride and still save the environment and our health.

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Clothing for the low temperatures and snow

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 in Bicycle | Comments Off on Clothing for the low temperatures and snow

How to dress for winter cycling? Do you believe that driving in winter at temperatures below zero can be pleasant? It can and it is.
It has already been mentioned in the text that body creates quite a large amount of heat when cycling. This cannot be underestimated or overestimated, therefore, it is important to protect the body from the wind, while the thermal insulation layers need not to be particularly thick.
Only critical parts of the head, torso, feet and hands need cover. So let’s get started with the most important part of your body – head.

1 Head
Headband should be choice, if it is not too cold, while later you can add headband to the cap (over tapes if it is very cold).
Headband – heats ears and forehead and protects them from the wind. Head always should be protected because you don’t want to have problems with your headaches later.

Bike glasses on eyes, when it becomes too cold can be replaced by an ordinary ski glasses- which are very pleasant and warm. Figure confirms: If the feet, hands, head and torso are tucked, no winter on the bike! Scarf around the neck is a great thing, while “balaclava” – a scarf that is draped over her head-can also help a lot and it has openings for mouth, eyes and nose. Nice when it is very cold. You can find different models of balaclava – try to find the one that suits your needs.

2 Torso1291394929335-1ss81sw7pwnxz-700-80
In the first place the vest that protects from the wind. If the wind does not blow on the chest, you will feel much warmer. Often on long rides in winter, people complain that a jacket is too warm, especially when the body gets used enough to wear just the vest over sweatshirt.

The next stage is a windbreaker jacket with long sleeves, but without too much insulation. Only when is couple of degrees below the zero, thick winter jacket is indispensable. Pedaling heated, does not freeze a man like those who are waiting for the bus at the station. It is easier when you are walking during a cold weather because your own body produces the heat.

All-refer-to-batman-cycling-font-b-gloves-b-font-font-b-winter-b-font-font3 Hands
Of course, you should use gloves. There are special bike handles for strong minus. Although ordinary ski gloves or those for snowballing are quite good for our winter, you can use any kind because any gloves are better than none.
And there won’t be any winter in your hands.

4 Feet
Good winter boots / shoes. If you are driving for longer distances, wool socks are must have. Additional layers can be added as desired and needed – everyone finds for themselves what is the right measure. The body adapts to the environment in a great extent, so as the winter passes, the less clothes you need for your riding adventure. If you protect your feet from winter, there won’t be a winter at all for you.

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How to buy a good bike?

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 in Bicycle | Comments Off on How to buy a good bike?

Cycling population in the world increases slightly; however, it is still not easy to find among acquaintances someone who knows about bikes enough to be able to give a good advice when buying a bicycle. That’s why we are here.bikeshop

People have a wrong picture about bikes. Amateurs buy mountain bike, because it is terrain bike – you can go everywhere, it is so strong, comfortable, and durable. How we can be wrong about it?

Here’s how: if uninformed customer goes in the shop or on the net … what he sees? Beautifully painted bike… with depreciation front and back, even if the disc brakes…. – And if it suits to his the budget, there is no better choice.

Or, if he starts asking and hears that the great Shimano equipment and X, Y and Z are good brands. So bike with Shimano equipment X – is smashing! Or, if he takes the most expensive bike in the store- for example, if we take the Reebok bike and SuperFu bike; This is obviously Chinese bike and Reebok is a company, well you should be careful because these bicycles are 99.9% the same, only their label differently …Scott-bicycle
However, given a bunch of money for debris that falls apart after two years….

The main mistake that people make is not understanding the concept of bike.
The bike is not a car. No one can say, well, I heard that the Mercedes is good, therefore, everything that has Mercedes sign on it is good. No engine, it is known that each KTM is certainly better than any Tomos bikes.

Bikes are like Lego, a bunch of parts that are properly deployed and connected to provide a toy. What the manufacturers do is order a fixed gear bicycle frame in big Chinese factory (by their own design, design swipe, or by someone else’s design that is offered for sale) … like we all know but pretend not, the only question is product specifications and production process control. (What is not made in China factory is certainly not for our target group because it costs thousands of foreign currency units). Then in that frame put a bunch of components, someone else produces (and thus the product, depending on the agreement, writes their name or the name of the manufacturer who ordered goods). Then they name it, that factory X-launch model Xx. E, this model belongs to a certain class, which is not provided for more than occasional rides along the local promenades, the top, where world-class athletes run the race (or where snobs pedal along your walkways). Normally, each class is wearing appropriate equipment.

You should be very careful when you are choosing a bike. It is more difficult than choosing a car – there are more frauds than with buying car. And the most important thing about bike is to be very comfortable. So choose your bike carefully if you want to have a good bike, and be ready to spend more money in order to get high-quality bike.

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Eight advantages of the bicycles

Posted by on Jan 12, 2016 in Bicycle | Comments Off on Eight advantages of the bicycles

World has become overcrowded place where cars and people are in constant collision. It is not unusual to hear that cities have problems with gas emission and smog that can literally swallow them and they are extremely bad for people’s health. Not many of us think of the future and how to change this world in order to create healthier and better place for living. We shouldn’t take all the blame, it’s the system that make us live stressful and busy life, where we only have time for basic need, besides work.

The lack of physical activity has a negative impact on our health and most of people don’t have clue how the consequences can be serious, especially those who spent their time at work sitting behind computers and using cars as a transportation. But if you are willing to make small sacrifice and switch to riding bicycles, here are eight advantages that can be beneficial for you and for the environment that is falling apart by the moment.

1.Ecological way of transportation.

When using bicycles, there isn’t gas emission. Furthermore, there wouldn’t be a greenhouse effect and we wouldn’t have to worry that world will change its shape and seize to exist.

2. Cardio exerciseSix-major-health-benefits-of-cardio-bike-2
Riding a bicycle is an excellent cardio exercise, it is healthy like walking, dance or fitness. Doctors around the world recommend it as a mean to avoid heart disease.

3. You will have physical activity twice a day
If you choose a bicycle as a transportation to work, you will have the possibility to do physical activity twice a day. Even if you don’t have the will or the time to work out every day, this can come as a handy solution and you will be forced to be physically active when you go and when you come back from work.

4. It can help you lose weight Riding a bicycle burns calories and brings your metabolism in balance. If you choose to ride it faster than usual casual ride, the results in losing weight will come quicker.

5. It reduces the stress
It has meditative effect, reduces the amount of stress, while the cars increase it. Better mental health is another advantage of riding bicycle, because stress increases weight problems.

image1-7334646. Builds stamina, coordination and immune system.
For longer distances, bicycle riding is extremely beneficial, when you move your arms and legs in the same time you improve your coordination and your immune system and it is proven that bicycle riding protests you from some types of cancer.

7. You won’t have to search for parking lot
In busy cities it is extremely hard to find a right place to park your car, with bicycle you will avoid that troubles and in the same time you will save money for the gas, because the only fuel you will need is your power.

8. You will spend time on fresh air
If you travel by bicycle to work, you will spend more time on fresh air and on the sun which gives your body the vitamin D.biker

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4 Questions You Must Answer Before Buying A Bicycle

Posted by on Jan 10, 2016 in Bicycle | Comments Off on 4 Questions You Must Answer Before Buying A Bicycle

Before buying a new bicycle there are numerous things that you should first take into consideration. Whenever I am buying a new bicycle, I carefully reconsider all the aspects to it, so that I am reassured that I am not making a mistake and spending money on things they do not need. Because of this, I have devised a list of four questions that I make sure that I am able to answer before heading out to buy a new bicycle. If you are in a dilemma whether you should buy a new bicycle or not, make sure that you read my list and answer these questions for yourself.

1. Do You Need A New Bicycle?

Perhaps you already have a bicycle, but it has been repaired countless times and always breaks down. Perhaps you have a bicycle that you never use because it feels uncomfortable, or you have a mountain bike and you would much prefer to ride a city bicycle. Whatever the case is, make sure that you ask yourself and answer truthfully, whether you need a new bicycle or not. If you truly believe that you would much benefit from getting a new bicycle, and that you genuinely need a new bicycle, then it’s okay to get one. However, if you are getting a new bicycle because it’s just the whim of yours, were if you could spend that money on something else you need more, perhaps you should pass on the opportunity to get a new bicycle at this time.

raining-money-12. How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

So let’s say you do need a new bicycle, how much are you willing to spend? Of course, you shouldn’t think at the definite amount of money, but it is advisable that you think of the price range that you would like to stick to. Needless to say, there are certain bicycles that cost a lot of money. If you don’t need to spend large sums on a bicycle, make sure that you don’t. On the other hand, if you are in such a financial position that you can spend large sums of money, and you think that bicycle is your most prized possession, perhaps you could spend more money on it. However, if you’re buying a super-expensive bicycle, make sure that you have a safe place where you can keep it, so that you don’t get robbed of it.

3. What Qualities Does It Have To Have?

Before you head out to buy a brand-new bicycle you should think about the qualities that it should have. Once you have all this in order it will be much easier for you to find the bicycle that will suit your needs. It is not the same whether you will be using it for sports championships or just to get to your workplace.

4. Could You Get An Even Better Price?

If you know that a bike sale is coming up, perhaps you could get that bicycle you wanted at the better price if only your patient enough to hold your horses for a couple of days. In addition to that, you should also visit a couple of bike shops prior to buying your bicycle in order to make sure that you are getting it out of the best price.

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